Our site is one of the largest on the Internet to search for Russian women for a serious relationship. We cannot guarantee that you will find your wife here, because it is impossible to guarantee something in love affairs. But we can promise that we will make every effort to ensure that you have a huge selection of russian women, freedom of choice, the safety of dating and socializing.

Many foreigners see that Russian women are very beautiful and focused on family values. They are not feminist. Slavic women give a husband first place in the family. However, many Westerners have some standard doubts that prevent them from starting a conversation. Let's consider these doubts together:
* Many foreign men fear cultural differences between Slavic countries and Western European countries. But just think how colorful and interesting international marriages! Your children will have two cultures that will make their spiritual and cultural world richer.

Online CHAT

    Download our free CHAT to chat with your woman. Quite often, live communication shows a person better than well-designed letters. A live reaction of your interlocutor to your words, her style of live communication will show somehow, if there is harmony in communication between you and your partner in the event of a real meeting!

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You do not have to pay for the contact on our site. You pay for the period of membership and unlimited communication with women. Thousands of women from the Russia want to find their prince! Here you can meet women from Russia and many other countries!


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Upload your best photos to your profile. Do not forget that the more photos, the more women will pay attention to your profile.

Without bright, interesting high-quality photos, you will notice a very small number of russian women. Even if you want to ignore this fact, but the result of online dating depends on good photos.

Live, cheerful shots from real life will show part of your nature to russian women.

Love at first sight is one of the most unforgettable feelings. Maybe one of the girls from our site will fall in love with you at first sight.

Our online translator Our online translator

You do not speak foreign languages yet, but still you would like to meet with foreign girls?

Free online-translator will help in communication on the site. Automatic translation of letters will make dialogue easier. But if you really want to establish a family with a foreign girl and understand her always then start to study language of that country where your woman is from. Meanwhile our free translator will help you in communication.

Maybe your future russian wife has just registered on our site and her heart is jumping waiting for a meeting. Hurry up and fortune will definitely smile to you!!!

  • What type of russian women do you like? What foreign wife are you searching for?
  • Browse the galleries of our international dating site and make your choice. Maybe she is a brunette? Or blonde? Big smile and cheerful look? Or maybe you will see the warm look of a Russian woman who is waiting for you?
  • We will help you to meet your future wife!

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Our site is the best, biggets and the most safe site in Internet for meeting with Russian women. We check all the women before activation of their profiles

searching Safe Internet dating? Are you searching for a wife from Russia? Then do registers on our dating sites


All women on our site pass several stages of checking before activation. We do not pay girls for writing letters. We do not sell contact info.

You can exchange your contact data with the russian women after a short period of correspondence. Do nt send your email address in the first letter to women as it is typical for scammers and it can scare women.

You should not pay per contact on our site. You pay for period of membership during which you can communicate with women unlimitedly.

  • During communication with the russian women you can pass free psychologic test to know your compatibility with a potential wife.
  • Participate in photo contests. The purpose of the contest is to attract more attention of opposite sex to your profile
  • "If You Like Me" game. Start playing popular game on our site. Matches in the game show mutual attraction between you and russian women whom you like. It is a new and unusual way of meeting!

Hiding profile in search

Do you want to hide your profile from general view? Use the function "Hide profile" Only those people whom you write by yourself will be able to see you, herewith you do not loose possibility to participate in photo contests.

Red hearts

Red hearts below main photos of users mean your psychological compatibility with a woman. If all hearts are red it means good compatibility, pink - average compatibility, violet - bad compatibility.


International dating

Many russian women ask where and how they can meet a woman for creation of family? In reply to this we will also ask "Have you already registered on a dating site?" If you already were registered at some site and you were not successful in meeting then use our advice and start searches again! Million of men have already found their Russian wife. If you decided to start dating then register for free on our site. Upload several good photos to your profile. It would be better if you smile on one photo as happy faces always attract attention.

Main secrets in communication:

  • * Conversation is the only way to know the person closer. Try to be sociable. Be interested in emotions and events in life of your interlocutor. Such dialogues make people closer.
  • * Stay positive in communication with everybody. Be kind and attentive
  • * Do not forget to send wishes to your interlocutor on her birthday, on such holidays as Christmas, New Year, St.Valentine's, etc. There is a good saying: "People prefer to stay there where one cares and remembers about them". If you are caring with your interlocutor your dialogue will have a good basis for development.
  • * Being too much serious in communication can make dialogue boring and remains negative impression. Be a bit funny in communication with a woman. It is always interesting to talk with cheerful, caring people.
  • * Try to avoid being rude and conflict situations. If you do not like communication with somebody use "Block this person" function and you will not receive messages from this person anymore.

And now several tips on safety:

  • * Always listen to your inner voice, intuition. Even if everything seems to be like a fairy-tale, but inner voice tells you that something is not ok then write to a manager and ask her to check information about this woman. If a girl wrote to you who is younger than you at 20-30 years and tells you loads of sweet words then think that it should be too much good to be true. We care about safety of communication so we react to all the reports of the men.
  • * Do not hurry to give a big quantity of contact details at the beginning of communication. It is better to exhcnge contact after your dialogue is already developing so you can know the person better and only after that give her your contact details
  • * Never react to requests of money or gifts. Remember that there might be a scammer behind every such request. If you want to send a gift to a girl this initiative should come only from you. It should be your own wish and decision and not result of pressing from the side of the girl. If the girl is hinting or writing directly about money or gifts then report her to manager.
  • Our international dating site is a time-tested way to find a partner for you. Applying to the dating service is a very practic way to get aquainted with a woman. It is not an action of desperation, but trust to professionals. Using online-dating you can find a beautiful girl very quickly and easily.

    We will always help you to find the best Russian women!

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